Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Onboard Romance

There is something romantic about boats. While some of them chose to show off their alluring luxurious glow with floating glass wine bars, bubbling hot jacuzzis and proudly displaying the name of the vessel, and most likely the name of the owners lover with backlit stainless steel letters strewn across the stern for everyone to see. Others however are propelled by edwardian engineering, sport the name of a 19th century black faced minstrel doll, and have all the glamour and luxury of a rickshaw. But let's not forget, Gollywog is still a yacht, a boat built purely for pleasure and even tho it didn't have romance billowing from it's boilers, John Goddard still found the time to firmly screw this lovely picture, in-scripted with a message of love from his wife, Katie Goddard, to the wall adjoining the toilet.

To John "God Bless Our Captain"  With Love. Katie.   15.11.75

Personally speaking I can't say I'm entirely sold on the idea of naming 10 tons of buoyant wood and nails after a beautiful significant other, but the way in which my girlfriend kissed me in the wheelhouse while I was in the middle of explaining how the tightly packed grain of the huon pine makes it ideal for boatbuilding leads me to believe, there is something romantic about boats. 

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