Sunday, 4 June 2017

Evening On The River

"'Evening On The River,' Oil on Birch, by Mandy Dargin, 2017."
Six months ago I was contacted by Australian fine artist, Mandy Dargin, who offered to produce an artists impression of my boat Gollywog finished and happily floating on the water. I was delighted to work with her and my briefing was as follows-

My vision is of a peaceful and happy boat moored up in a secluded picturesque river side location with warm and gentle dusk lighting. Most importantly depicting a scene in which the boat is being used and cared for, nothing over the top with people on show, but I’m thinking more along the lines of having a few or all of the cabin lights on, perhaps some items left on deck after a busy day's navigating, an item of clothing or a picnic basket.. just some clues as to what kind of pleasures have been enjoyed throughout the day to compose and culminate in such a beautiful and desperately perfect night.

A briefing which Amanda has really taken to heart and transformed 70 x 40cm of blank canvas in to this gentle, dreamy scene. Titled 'Evening On The River' I'm really happy with the end result, the composition and use of colours is a testament to the talent and labour poured into it's creation.

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