Monday, 8 June 2015

On The Move

With the exterior pretty much complete it was time for Gollywog to say goodbye to the big shed and hello the outside world. With a small amount of winching she was lifted up approximately 4 feet in the air and then extracted by our friendly driver from Sealand Boat Deliveries.

Where to? Derbyshire of course. Why? The rent and council tax were frankly crippling the budget. despite Chehire council quoting us a discounted rate because we weren't operating a business, after 6 months they changed their mind and began charging us over 7000 pounds a year for the pleasure of occupying a grotty shed, and whilst the rent was reasonable the landlord was utterly obnoxious. So all in all the price we paid not to get rained on afforded us the luxury of being defecated on instead.

What's next? Now it's time to tackle the interior fit out. In the pleasant surroundings of Roger's yard (where he likes to build steam locomotives and things) and starting with the mechanical side of things, steering, exhaust, electrics etc and with increasing interest from advertising on Apollo Duck it's only a matter of time till she is steaming into the sunset!


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