Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bow Handrails

Who doesn't like bow handrails. They embody everything that's great about owning a big motor yacht. The delightful arrogance of igniting fossil fuels and ploughing through the elements with style and grace begins with a strong bow.

I based my stanchion design on a pre-war Bentley handbrake (left), not because I don't have any imagination but because it's a lovely shape. I then produced some CAD drawings and a cardboard prototype.

Using the drawings I had everything I needed laser cut from 6mm 316 Stainless Steel by Alma Sheet Metal. Along with a few other parts for other jobs coming soon!

I added tabs to the centre 'holy' piece and slots to the outers so everything simply slotted, welded and then blended together with no welds showing. Simply.

All the parts were polished before and after I assembled them to get the best possible finish. Not forgetting the polished stainless screws.

Each stanchion was fitted according to the curvature of the deck and the handrail itself was rolled to follow the shape of the boat.

I used a laser to line up the beginning of the hand rails with the existing design.

And the finished thing, complete with the Chrome plated portholes.

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