Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Textured feeling

A job a long time in the making and recently finished is the rear cabin roof. A compromise between looks and practicality the middle portion has a textured finished while the outer edge is highly polished.

Beginning with 4 coats of 2K high build primer accompanied by copious amounts of rubbing down to smooth out the old fibreglass texture on the roof. 2 coats of International Perfection 2k paint in Mauritius Blue were then sprayed across the whole roof, with an additional 3rd coat applied to the outer edge. Next the centre was masked and more Mauritious blue was mixed with 10 percent silica sand and rolled on for and even texture. Lastly the outer edge was smoothed out from 1200 to 3000 grit and buffed up for nice shine.

In-between each process I left the paint to settle to minimise any shrinkage in the final finish, rather than wasting this time I quit my job building Bentleys, went on a road-trip to Italy and had a short holiday in Cyprus. Which was nice.

The curve of the texture mirrors the curve of the cockpit creating a repetition of shape. 

Many a happy hour was spent masking prepping and polishing this area. Turned out alright tho.

Oh and the wheelhouse roof has also been finished to the same standard, photos to be added soon.

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