Saturday, 14 June 2014

Decking Part 3 - Planking

Firstly I roughly laid out the planks according to which size needed to go where, then I shuffled them around switching port with starboard to get an even colour across the deck. I found two light or two dark strips next to each other tended to stand out a bit. Once I was happy with the overall look each teak plank was roughly cut, spaced out with off cuts to give a 6mm caulking gap and screwed down with over size washers.

All the edges were removed at this point and laid on top of the roughly cut planks, marked-out again using another off-cut to give the 6mm spacing, cut using a bandsaw and then belt sanded to the precise curve.

Once this process had been repeated round all edges and both skylights each plank was masked on the top face, spaced and screwed to test fit the whole deck, taking the time to draw round each washer so when it came to glueing each plank and each screw could be positioned easily and quickly. 

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