Sunday, 16 December 2012


A few pictures of progress that has been made so far in December.

Mostly stripping back layers of muck and paint to see what lies underneath, so far I've been pleasantly surprised.

The quality of the workmanship really is something special.

Out go the windows.

Despite the stupendous construction in which every piece of wood has been glued, tacked and screwed to every other panel with bronze or stainless steel screws, the design wasn't going to work with my propsed re-design of this boat so it's all on it's way out, including the kitchen sink.

Sinkless boat.

I didn't really like how the gray paint on the hull made the bedroom and front cabin feel cold and uninviting.

And so the natural beauty of huon pine and oak ribs held together with copper rivets is revealed giving a much softer and cosy environment.

Work in progress, Lots of it.

The big picture.

More pictures and stories to be added as they happen, and the impending festive break will allow me more time to work on the boat, as my boss kindly allows us all to take most of our holidays during the christmas period as he quite likes shutting up the workshops and riding dirt bikes around the Mojave Desert this time of year. Not to be outdone tho, I will in-fact be spending New Year's Eve in Moscow, Russia.

Photos are courtesy of Mike Pritchard Photography

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