Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Australian Waters

Thanks to previous owner Janet Mills we were able to uncover these original photo's of the boat being launched, presumably at Halvorsen and Gowland in Sydney.

Launching of 'Gollywog' August 18th, 1975.

Unlike his friend John Goddard takes no time to pose for a photograph. 


  1. i've been wondering what happened with Golliwog. As a kid i enjoyed being on it several times going around Newport(Sydney); which answers your question on whether it was used in Australian waters. It was moored at the Royal Motor Yatcht Club but i think they banned it as cinders kept burning holes in sails of other boats!

    Glad to see it still survives; a pity the raised wheelhouse was added. I'll try and dig up some photos of it.

    BTW you incorrectly state that OKV1 won Le Mans, it came second. Jumbo's modifications to OKV1 was the inspiration for the factory to convert D-Types to the XKSS.

  2. Hi there, can I ask who this is? Do you have any further information regarding Gollywog or Jumbo? Cheers, Elliott (ell14@hotmail.com)