Friday, 19 October 2012

The Story So Far - Me

Working for my parents manufacturing buissness from a young age I quickly gained knowledge of 'how to build stuff'. These skills mixed with some childish imagination gave birth to creations over the years such as the super swing, the super chair, a motor bike powered go kart, an earth shattering home cinema and numerous tree houses, most of which were successful and didn't catch fire.

Would you like to buy some wheels..

Once I had politely declined any further education from the state at the age of 16 I found myself in full time work and education completing an apprenticeship in engineering while working for my previously mentioned parents company making wire wheels for vintage cars. This period saw the scale of car based tomfoolery increase to include the building of my own sports car, restoration and sale of a 1917 Simplex, the racing, crashing and repairing of numerous single seater race cars throughout the UK and Europe, as well as the 'how many miles can you put on a US hire car in two weeks' challenge I set myself.

Self Built Sports Car

All good fun, but come 2009 the business was sold to man more enthusiastic about owning his own wire wheel manufacturing company than I was. Subsequently I have found myself working for a man who answers only to the name Bob Petersen. So proud of this name he is he's spent the past 30 years building rather expensive vintage Bentley specials with his name discreetly engraved on the cars build plate and dashboard, and door sills, as well as number plates and if fitted, supercharger.

A Petersen Special

What does this have to do with boats I hear you ask, well this is an issue which coincides with the conclusion of the 'The Story So Far - Me' bit and gives birth to 'The Story So Far - Boat'. Or to be more concise, I'm not really sure. All I know is I really like the idea of building a massive wooden boat. I think it happens to most people at some point in their life, probably, and I'm also enthusiastic about a project which will (hopefully) yield some money for some travel based tomfoolery for me and my inspiration, Sasha.

My first time piloting a battleship


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